2017 Update

Holt High School alum Kyle Wilkins made some AMAZING wooden birdhouses to be installed in the garden April 22, 2017.  These birdhouses have Plexiglas see-through backs and are attached with suction cups to the classrooms windows so that students can watch the birds nest all school year!

Thank you so much Kyle for your volunteer and in-kind contribution!

Check out our beautiful garden…

Can you find all 4 benches?

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Did you know…

95% of educators who use school gardening in their curriculum report that school gardening enhances student learning (DeMarco, Relf, & McDaniel, 1999)

Many teachers indicate that school gardens are useful “for environmental education (97.1%) and experiential learning (72.9%), and 84.3 % of teachers said that related activities enhanced student learning” (Skelly & Bradley, 2000)


For further reading, see:

Blair, D. (2009). The Child in the Garden: An Evaluative Review of the Benefits of School Gardening. Journal of Environmental Education, 40(2), 15–38.

Green, M., & Duhn, I. (2015). The Force of Gardening: Investigating Children’s Learning in a Food Garden. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 31(1), 60–73.

Langhout, R. D., Rappaport, J., & Simmons, D. (2002). Integrating Community into the Classroom Community Gardening, Community Involvement, and Project-Based Learning. Urban Education, 37(3), 323–349.

Teacher Steve Potter and Lisa Weise planted these!

If you’d like to donate to support the garden, please click here.

Volunteers make it happen!

Put the old man to work!

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Thanks dad!

We memorialize those we lost and those we love…

Three new signs in a new annual bed for Alfred, Chris, and Taylor.

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Time to get to work!

Yeah, I spread all this mulch in one day myself!

Will the ducks come back this year?

You’ll have to volunteer to find out!

Sponsor Spotlight

Stiles Landscape
Stiles Landscape

Brian Stiles, owner of Stiles Landscape and Lansing Gardens, might just be the most enthusiastic and effective fundraising partner that the OMIA Foundation has had the pleasure to work with.  Brian has not only participated in our events, he continues to constantly promote our efforts any place that he goes!  It is not uncommon for OMIA Foundation Director John Girdwood to get a random text from Stiles describing a new donation that Stiles just obtained during his daily lunch run, through his business partners, or friends who he recruited to support the cause.  Stiles is a relentless supporter of the Anderson/Cochran Scholarships and we simply cannot thank him enough!