Increasing access to education in local schools through outside movement, the foundation was formed in 2007 to provide complementary lessons to preK-12 youth.  As it grew, the foundation expanded educational opportunities for youth through college scholarships.  The foundation’s main out-of-school events are related to sports (basketball, golf, running) and maintaining actively health conscious lifestyles.  The foundation also promotes sound, healthy decision making.

2015 Events


Mar 28 & 29, 2015 (Saturday/Sunday)

This is a weekend after spring sports begin.  It avoids the busier months following graduation and does not conflict with spring break, big NCAA March Madness Final Four games, or holidays.  We will live stream the NCAA games during these days in the gym so you won’t miss a thing!

Location: Holt High School Gym

We will play in the main gym on the big floor.  Games will last 30 minutes, running clock, allowing for 45 minute time frame (15 minute buffer).  CLICK HERE for more information on the basketball tournament.


The OMIA Foundation is a private 501(c)3 non-profit organization started in 2007 to enhance the lives of students by expanding the scope of learning.  This objective has changed over the many years that the OMIA Foundation has been in existence.  From active classroom involvement to scholarships, the organization continues to rely on community support to ensure that we do what we can to help further the educational goals of young students.

Enhancing the Lives of Students by Expanding the Scope of Learning