Here are some helpful links:

  • Our online records with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)
  • During 2016, we did not need to file a license to solicit charitable donations with the Michigan Attorney General because we met the following criteria:
    • “An organization that does not intend to solicit and receive, and does not actually receive, contributions in excess of $25,000.00 during any 12-month period.”
      • Here is a rough summary of the donations we received during 2016:
        • $7,041.63 came in through CrowdRise
        • $8,178.04 came in through PayPal
        • $4,565 came in through bank deposits
        • That totals $19,784.67 in donations for our fiscal year.  Although we received some more donations later during 2016, we did not eclipse $25,000 during the year and therefore are not required to file for a license to solicit this year.
    • “All fundraising functions must be conducted by persons, whether staff or contractors, who are not paid for their services.”
      • Volunteers are the key to our success!  John Girdwood volunteers as the Executive Director (unpaid) and is supported greatly by the Anderson and Cochran families (unpaid) as well as countless others.  While we do pay for some essential event functions like renting the school gym for our hoops tournament and the race timer for our fun run, we do not pay for any fundraising functions.
    • “The organization must make a financial statement of its activities of its most recent fiscal year available to its members and the public.”
      • These are available on request.  We are working toward compiling this data to post openly on our website during 2017.  As we are volunteers, please understand it does take some time to create these reports, i.e. our bank in 2016 (PNC) does not provide annual statements so we have to create our own spreadsheets.  If you would like a general idea of our 2015 statement, we began the year with $17,100.93 and ended with $22,967.89.
  • This is a snapshot of our scholarship recipients:



End-of-year balances on our financial statements:

  • 2007: $638.14
  • 2008: $853.89
  • 2009: $292.18
  • 2010: $1,828.96
  • 2011: $23,490.64

Please contact John Girdwood if you’d like any more information!