Boyd’s Songs

Locada / Do Me Wrong

Junk / Not Lost II / Innes

Coastal / Boundry

Snow 2 / Oh Well, Oh Yeah

We Got Everything We Need / Late Night

Gird’s Songs

He Jude (Beatles)
Annie’s Song (John Denver)
Hard Sun (Eddie Vedder)
Triangle Man (They Might Be Giants)
Rapid Roy (Jim Croce)
One (Cover Song)
Winter Wonderland (cover song)
Fake It (Original)
Down South (cover song)
Walls (cover song)
Elliott Smith (3 songs)
Again Tomorrow (Original)
Ain’t You (Original)
Down the River (Original)
Of Jesus (Religious)
Puff the Magic Dragon
Hotel Yorba
Mary’s Land
Big Muddy
Jesus Will Welcome Them All (original; religious)
Man Eater (Hall and Oates)
Come Tomorrow (Dave Matthews)
Accompany Me (Bob Seger)