Every year, we organize four major efforts:

Other important dates:

Memorial Garden

The garden is kept throughout the year and we can always use volunteers to help spread mulch, pull weeds, haul brush, and plant flowers!

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You can donate to support our garden by clicking here.

J-Nice Hoops Tournament

Our annual hoops tournament is always free and allows young players and adults to run on the big court at the high school!  You can click here to watch some of our 2015 tournament games or search YouTube for the rest.

This is some serious youth ball going on!

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You can help keep our hoops tournament free for kids by clicking here.

Anderson Memorial Golf Outing

We started hosting an annual golf outing in 2010 in memory of Craig Anderson and the event continues to be the most popular golf outing in the area!

You can pay your annual golf outing fee ($100) by clicking here.

Holt Run for Education

Holt Hometown Days is the perfect weekend to host our annual fun run!  We started small in 2015 but we continue to build this event to promote healthy activities throughout our community.

You can sign up for the fun run by clicking here.

Online Resources

The OMIA Foundation utilizes the following web services:

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