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We launched the Holt Community Foundation in January!

We had a very successful J-NICE Hoops Tournament in April and we are planning for a J-NICE Hoops League to start in early July.  Stay tuned for more information!

Our next event is the 7th Annual Craig Anderson Golf Outing.  Click here to register and/or pay for sponsorship.


The OMIA Foundation was thrilled to “get our hands dirty” in the Holt High School Memorial Garden starting in the summer of 2016.  We spent countless hours revitalizing the garden and assembled a team of volunteers who pledged to maintain the beauty of the space in memory of those Holt Rams we’ve lost recently.

The garden improved every month and we prepared it well for Spring 2017.  Teachers Steve Potter and Lisa Weise planted 1,440 tulips in the fall!

2014 – 2015

Longtime scholarship supporter Jeremy Baragar lost his brother Jason on June 22, 2014.  Both the Anderson and Cochran families were very close to the Baragars and Girdwood, along with many golf outing supporters, played baseball with Jason at Holt High School.  We immediately recognized Jason at our golf outing in 2014 with a special inscription in a sand bunker at Timber Ridge in East Lansing.  Then, we started our “J-Nice Hoops Tournament” in the spring of 2015.

We also started a 5K fun run in Memory of Anthony Harris to take place in conjunction with Holt Hometown Days every year beginning in 2015.  The first two years of the J-Nice Hoops Tournament and the Holt Run for Education started slow!  We are trying to build both events and gain more partner sponsors to offset the costs of those events.  Please contact the OMIA Foundation if you can help support either event with a sponsorship.  Simply email OMIAfoundation(at)gmail(dot)com

2011 – 2014

The first four years of the Craig Anderson Annual Golf Outing in Memory of Taylyr Cochran built the scholarship funds into a sustainable program.  We were able to move from a year-to-year budget toward a long-term successful effort.  We assured recipients of both scholarships that we would see them through for four years of undergraduate studies and convey funds to the students each year at our golf outing.  During this time, the scholarship grew to a “four year” scholarship with each student receiving $1,000 per year for four straight years.  We committed to distributing $8,000 per year in scholarships to Holt graduates.

2010 – 2011

In our third year of existence, we experienced another heavy loss when Craig Anderson passed away on September 18, 2010.  Girdwood knew Craig and his three sons well so it was a natural fit when the Holt Alumni got together to honor Craig’s legacy through a scholarship in his name.

Then, another tragedy struck that winter when Taylyr Cochran died in a car accident on January 30, 2011.  The Andersons were family friends with the Cochrans and wanted to honor Taylyr’s legacy through a scholarship in his name.

The families worked together with the OMIA Foundation to establish the Craig Anderson Annual Golf Outing in Memory of Taylyr Cochran to financially support both scholarships.

2008 – 2009

Girdwood continued to connect with local preK-5 teachers, offering one hour lesson plans where he would play his guitar in their classrooms, connecting substantive learning objectives with fun musical activities.

This was also the period when a significant loss in the family really impacted the operations of the OMIA Foundation.  Girdwood lost his cousin Pam Woll, a medical student in Grenada, to an untimely and unexpected death.  The OMIA Foundation distributed our first scholarship in Pam’s memory.

Although the OMIA Foundation shifted our focus to Holt High School, Pam’s parents continue to present the Pam Woll Neuhauser Memorial Scholarship to a Kenton High School student each year.

2004 – 2007

In late 2004, State of Michigan Superintendent Tom Watkins wrote “Structural Issues Surrounding Michigan School Funding In the 21st Century,” a memo to Kathleen N. Straus, President of the State Board of Education in Michigan.  The report suggested that action was needed to address budget issues related to school funding in Michigan.  Mr. Watkins also referred to the 2003 Michigan State University report on Proposal A that suggested changes in school funding have “affected different school districts in different ways.”  The Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis, Michigan Department of Treasury, reported in 2002 that “Proposal A cut Michigan taxes by $17 billion from FY 1993 to FY 2003.”  Finally, Mr. Watkins pointed out the unfortunate approach historically taken by the legislature, stating “Michigan school funding formulas have been based more on dollars available in the state’s budget than on research regarding what it actually costs to educate a child.”

In 2005, John Girdwood began working for the Michigan House of Representatives and saw firsthand how the legislature appropriated dollars to fund K-12 education.  Girdwood realized that there were numerous social forces that impacted local education outcomes.  Governmental, religious, and other institutions affect education through structural (e.g. funding) and cultural (e.g. curriculum) mechanisms.

Insitutional forces are strong but individual action can play a role toward improving outcomes for K-12 students!  Girdwood decided that it was time for action as he transitioned out of the public sector toward the end of 2007.  He was no longer an active change agent within the government as he was now “outside academia.”  He wanted to help from outside so he leaned on what he knew best and in the shadows of the late, great Pete Seeger… he grabbed his guitar and started playing. for kids.

You can read our incorporating documents that we submitted to the State of Michigan in 2007 here at this link.


2017 Golf Outing Registration

$18,236.52 of $17,837.50 raised

Completing this form and submitting payment will secure your place at the 2017 Anderson/Cochran Golf Outing. You can use this form to donate as much or as little as you can. We appreciate all the support! Player fees are $100 per golfer. Clicking the buttons below will auto-fill the donation amount.

Sponsors: Please note the UPLOAD LOGO HERE option toward the bottom.  Only upload your logo if you are a new sponsor.  You click “Select File” and then upload it.  Make sure to upload your logo BEFORE doing “Click to Pay” on the donation.  If you make a mistake, just email your logo to john@holtcommunity.org and thank you!

Golfers: If you are signing up for the $69 or $79 dollar rates, you will need to complete this form individually for each golfer.  Please make sure you make a note of your team and/or teammates’ names (in the “Golfer Names” box) so we know who your foursome is when registering individually.

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@ Washington Woods Middle School 630p – 9p


Free to Register – Donations Welcome!

Click HERE to register. All team captains MUST register to participate. Contact: Dr. John Girdwood OMIA Foundation (774) 473-9663 phone or text john@omiafoundation.org

Games are refereed “by 2’s and 3’s” and players shoot free throws on shooting fouls with “the bonus” after 7 fouls.


If you’re going to buy something off Amazon, please click here and a portion of your proceeds will go to the Anderson and Cochran Scholarship Funds.


2017 Update

Holt High School alum Kyle Wilkins made some AMAZING wooden birdhouses to be installed in the garden April 22, 2017.  These birdhouses have Plexiglas see-through backs and are attached with suction cups to the classrooms windows so that students can watch the birds nest all school year!

Thank you so much Kyle for your volunteer and in-kind contribution!

Check out our beautiful garden…

Can you find all 4 benches? http://Crowdrise.com/MemorialGarden

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Did you know…

95% of educators who use school gardening in their curriculum report that school gardening enhances student learning (DeMarco, Relf, & McDaniel, 1999)

Many teachers indicate that school gardens are useful “for environmental education (97.1%) and experiential learning (72.9%), and 84.3 % of teachers said that related activities enhanced student learning” (Skelly & Bradley, 2000)


For further reading, see:

Blair, D. (2009). The Child in the Garden: An Evaluative Review of the Benefits of School Gardening. Journal of Environmental Education, 40(2), 15–38.

Green, M., & Duhn, I. (2015). The Force of Gardening: Investigating Children’s Learning in a Food Garden. Australian Journal of Environmental Education, 31(1), 60–73. https://doi.org/10.1017/aee.2014.45

Langhout, R. D., Rappaport, J., & Simmons, D. (2002). Integrating Community into the Classroom Community Gardening, Community Involvement, and Project-Based Learning. Urban Education, 37(3), 323–349. https://doi.org/10.1177/00485902037003002

Teacher Steve Potter and Lisa Weise planted these!

If you’d like to donate to support the garden, please click here.

Volunteers make it happen!

Put the old man to work! http://omiafoundation.org/garden

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Thanks dad!

We memorialize those we lost and those we love…

Three new signs in a new annual bed for Alfred, Chris, and Taylor. http://crowdrise.com/memorialgarden

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Time to get to work!

Yeah, I spread all this mulch in one day myself!

Will the ducks come back this year?

You’ll have to volunteer to find out!

Sponsor Spotlight

Stiles Landscape
Stiles Landscape

Brian Stiles, owner of Stiles Landscape and Lansing Gardens, might just be the most enthusiastic and effective fundraising partner that the OMIA Foundation has had the pleasure to work with.  Brian has not only participated in our events, he continues to constantly promote our efforts any place that he goes!  It is not uncommon for OMIA Foundation Director John Girdwood to get a random text from Stiles describing a new donation that Stiles just obtained during his daily lunch run, through his business partners, or friends who he recruited to support the cause.  Stiles is a relentless supporter of the Anderson/Cochran Scholarships and we simply cannot thank him enough!