2014 GOLF Tribute

I’m running for Jason!

Our friend, Jason Baragar, was part of the Gift of Life program that aims to “improve and extend lives through quality programs which maximize organ and tissue donation for transplantation.”  Donations were made in his name and recognition was given to the program in his obituary.  I’m going to honor Jason by running in the “LIFE Walk” on Belle Isle in Detroit on Saturday 7/26/14.

Last week, we honored Jason on this website and at the Craig Anderson and Taylyr Cochran Golf Outing.  The website had a black background for a week.  This week, the background was changed back to white to signify the memory of Jason that will shine bright for years to come, especially through his gift of life donation.

At the request of the Anderson Family, the OMIA Foundation will make a generous donation on Saturday 7/26/14 to the Minority Organ Tissue Transplant Education Program in memory of Jason Baragar.  It is important to note the connection here to the need for education about organ donation.  In 1996, National MOTTEP partnered with Gift of Life Michigan (formerly the Transplantation Society of Michgian) and Detroit MOTTEP was established.  According to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), there are more than 83,000 persons on the national transplant waiting list.  Approximately 50% represent minorities.

Gift of Life Michigan has the Angels for Life campaign that asks faith-based communities, businesses and non-profit organizations in southeast Michigan to encourage people to join the Donor Registry.  As a non-profit organization, the OMIA Foundation would like to encourage you to join the Donor Registry by clicking here so the you can become an “Angel for Life” like Jason.


Jason Baragar

  • Born: January 19, 1981; Died: June 22, 2014
  • Holt Ram: Forever; Remembered: July 19, 2014

One last story about Jason while you are here.  At the golf outing, I spoke with Nate Potts about old times on the baseball team.  We saw another golfer, Matt Allen, and I told Nate that back in the day Matt was an awesome homerun hitter.  I said, “Matt used to actually do a bat toss way before Yasiel Puig.  He would hit a homerun and just stand there… pause… and toss the bat and then trot around the bases.  This is way different than me (Gird) who only hit one career homerun.  When I hit mine off Sexton star Jason Moczul, I had no clue it was a homerun and I sprinted around the bases.  I only realized it was a home run halfway between second and third base.”

Nate stopped me and asked, “Gird, did you hear about Baragar’s first home run?  He ran around the bases like we just won the World Series, like he was Kirk Gibson or something, jumping up and down high-fiving everybody because he was so excited.  We must have been down by at least 10 runs late in the game, so the runs didn’t even matter at that point.  But, Jason ran around jumping up and down like it was the greatest thing that ever happened.”  What a great memory.  Thanks to Nate Potts for sharing.  - Gird

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